Human Resources

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the pivotal role of Human Resources (HR) has transcended traditional administrative functions. As organisations evolve from viewing HR as a support entity to recognising its strategic significance, a new era of human capital management has emerged. At Aventus, we stand as your trusted partner, collaborating closely with HR professionals across diverse sectors to drive the future of HR excellence.

Aventus bridges the gap between visionary HR leaders and organisations aspiring for HR-driven success. Our extensive collaboration spans across sectors including professional services, banking, oil & gas, technology, and start-ups, embracing roles that range from managerial to board level. Our commitment lies in harnessing human potential to the fullest, by providing a comprehensive range of HR services that empower both candidates and clients to achieve their strategic goals.

In the Gulf region, the HR landscape is undergoing a profound shift, transcending its traditional boundaries to emerge as a key driver of organisational success. As organisations shift their focus from routine administrative tasks to value-driven contributions, specialised HR skill sets have taken centre stage. Proficiencies in Compensation & Benefits, HRIS, Learning & Development, and Talent Management are no longer confined to the periphery; they are now vital instruments that orchestrate strategic growth. Aventus is at the forefront of this transformation, identifying and connecting professionals with these specialised skill sets, to drive sustainable organisational success.

The Gulf's cultural diversity and economic goals have given rise to nationalisation quotas that significantly impact organisations across sectors. Senior HR positions, particularly within the banking sector, are increasingly earmarked for nationals, aligning with the region's vision to nurture local talent. Simultaneously, for roles requiring distinct expertise, organisations seek expatriate talents with international exposure. Aventus, with its global reach and expertise, is uniquely positioned to bridge these diversities, ensuring an optimal blend of skill sets that align with strategic goals.

Our journey in the HR realm is defined by years of cultivating profound relationships within the industry. Our extensive network of HR professionals, nurtured through market expertise, has paved the way for HR recruitment to become a core service line. This evolution was driven by our commitment to creating meaningful connections, understanding the pulse of the HR landscape, and anticipating its trajectory. Aventus proudly stands as a beacon of HR transformation, leveraging our network, insights, and expertise to create lasting partnerships between HR professionals and organisations that recognise their pivotal role.

As the HR landscape reshapes, Aventus stands as your reliable partner in navigating its complexities and harnessing its potentials. We recognise that the heart of HR lies in fostering relationships, cultivating shared objectives, and enabling success for both candidates and clients. Our commitment transcends conventional boundaries; it extends to offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of HR professionals. Whether you are an organisation seeking to fortify your HR team or an adept HR professional striving to make a meaningful impact, Aventus is your compass on the path to HR excellence.

Key Specialisms

Change Leadership

Organisational Design

Learning & Development

Compensation & Benefits

Employee Relations

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Workforce Planning

Employment law

Government relations

HR Operations

HR Business Partnering

Recent Engagements

  • Chief Human Resources Officer – Saudi Holding company
  • Head of HR Transformation – Regional Bank
  • Head of Recruitment – Major holding company – Kuwait
  • Head of Talent Management – Regional Development Bank – KSA

  • HRIS Manager – Multinational Construction company - UAE
  • Head of HR – International oil and gas company
  • HR/People Advisory -International consultancy – UAE/KSA
  • Senior Advisor – HR – Regional Bank

Taylor Smith

Consultant - Human Resources

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