Contingent Recruitment

Contingent Hiring

Contingency recruitment is a service we offer where clients are only invoiced for our services upon successful completion of a placement when a candidate has accepted an offer and joined.

What is unique about Aventus' contingent model?

Aventus prides itself on a high quality contingent service. Led by our are Directors with over 40 years experience in recruitment and search in the region, our approach to Contingency recruitment enables us to offer a more exclusive framework for contingent search.

Our focus and offering includes:

  • FFNA - Fact Finding & Needs Analysis - Developing a deep understanding about the organization we are representing.
  • Deep dive into candidate motivations - The same in depth analysis is applied to our candidate qualification, rather than just technical fit for a role we pride ourselves on the deep dive into candidate motivations and aspirations. 
  • Less is more - Limited number of assignments at once – gives our clients the assurance that they are getting the service they need.
  • AGILE Service - In emerging markets environments can be fluid, goal posts are liable to change from time to time. Rather than get frustrated Aventus knows this is par for the course and instead look to stay agile and find positive solutions. 
  • Focus on the passive candidate market - As well as active candidates we seek out the best of the passive candidates via multiple headhunt and active search methods
  • Mirror match client urgency - Some roles and clients require us to work 100mph and need CV's yesterday, others roles require a more measured approach. We understand this and appreciate the client frustration when a recruiter is going too fast or too slow.

  • Developing long-term relationships - 75% of our business from repeat customers. This is borne out of consistent performance and client successes over many months and years. Aventus clients know that because our seniors have been in the market for 10+ years that they have a good understanding of the market dynamics and the specific nuances of each client that they can trust us when it matters.
  • Search level quality - Because our consultants and especially seniors have experience in executive search, even the contingent model has many elements of the same top grade service such as progress reports, candidate tracking and in depth candidate analysis.
  • Trust & Transparency - Aventus values are at the core of what we do. The trust and transparency element are not just marketing spiel but core to our success. We know that missing out on a placement if it means a stronger long term relationship will benefit us in the long run so we instill this approach in our consultants.
  • Split Desk model = team effort  Unlike some recruitment firms which will have junior consultants working roles independently, Aventus believe in a team effort. Our split desk model means clients will always have a senior from Aventus managing the process along with a specialised resourcer.

How does this approach benefit our Clients?

Getting the job done!

Even with the most challenging searches and tightest time frames our consultants go above and beyond to get the job done, on time, in full. This might mean working evening, weekends or just being on call when needed, this commitment to getting results for our clients is at the core of what we do, no matter how tough the role!

Lower rate of candidate drop outs and last minute suprises

No recruiter can promise that candidates or clients won't change their minds, but with in depth analysis of motivations that are reassessed at every stage of the process, the risk of these 'surprises' are drastically reduced. In the past 12 months 95% of our candidates that were placed made it past the probation period.

Enjoyable client experience

We believe that the personal touch is important to build relationships and make sure that clients enjoy their interactions with us. Of course results are paramount, us to making the customer experience as positive as possible.

A less stressful process

Good recruiters manage processes, they don't just send CV's. At Aventus we pride ourselves on being on hand 24/7 to navigate road blocks, manage expectations and ultimately ensure that even if timeframes and logistics change we are doing all we can to get the role over the finish line.

More free time

Our client feedback has been that having a senior Aventus POC makes the process smoother and allows them to delegate more of the day to day operational tasks to us that are taking up their time, such as arranging and overseeing interviews and taking JD's, freeing up some of their time.

Trusted partner

As Aventus values long term relationships over short term deals, this results in a less aggressive service and more focus on fostering trust and transparency. Our repeat clients know we value their results first and foremost which gives them the confidence to use us even for highly sensitive and confidential requirements.