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Who are we?

Aventus is a Dubai based recruitment company with 30+ consultants delivering the best-in-class recruitment service within professional services. Our specialist consultants go above and beyond to connect people with some of the most exciting start-up’s, regional businesses and multinationals across the Middle East.  

Our values? 

ENTREPRENUERIAL people with GRIT & Determination achieving high PERFORMANCE & stellar results for our clients. Whilst at the same time having FUN and enjoying the journey!

Here at Aventus, we are proud to host some of the most experienced recruiters in the regional market with over 50 years of combined international recruitment experience across the leadership team. Our team offer high quality recruitment solutions internationally but with a core focus on the GCC market.

We apply a tangible, winning formula: taking the time to understand our clients’ needs, make sure we put in place the right plan, help manage the process effectively, understand all the factors correctly and then finally provide the right solutions to ensure our clients are happy.

Our offering covers comprehensive recruitment solutions across the professional services sectors whether that is within Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing, Search or Consultancy. 

What is our Why?

Aventus was established because we felt too many recruiters were pushing services rather than listening to clients. Too many firms had a churn and burn approach to staff rather than taking time to upskill, develop and retain people. At Aventus we have tried to live by our key principles and strive to be honest and have integrity in everything we do and create an environment people want to work in. Results are important, but not at the expense of ethics or anyone else losing out along the way, we strive for a healthy meritocracy. 

How do we do this? By hiring the right people, by focusing on training & development. By ensuring we live and breath our values on a day to day basis. If we have fun and enjoy what we do then hopefully our clients and candidates will do also.

  • We have: Passion for what we do 
  • We value: Trust & Transparency
  • We strive for: Meritocracy
  • We believe in: Equal opportunities for all
  • We enjoy: A healthy & fun working environment!
  • We are building: Long term partnerships 

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