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Sonia Thandi

Global Head - Private Practice

Sonia Thandi

About Sonia Thandi


Born and raised in Kent, UK my journey has been one marked by academic pursuits and professional milestones. After completing my Law Degree and LPC (Legal Practice Course) in London, I embarked on a career trajectory that led me into the dynamic world of practising Law and then to Legal recruitment. It was in 2014 that I took my first steps into this challenging yet rewarding field, laying the foundation for a career driven by a passion for connecting talent with opportunity.

In addition to my professional responsibilities, I proudly embrace the role of a mother to two amazing children. Balancing the demands of my career with the joys and responsibilities of parenthood has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey, shaping me into a more well-rounded and multi-skilled individual.

Professional Expertise:

Sonia has specialised in recruiting qualified Legal and Business professionals within the Global Legal industry with an acute focus in working with US & Magic Circle Law Firms combined with direct Legal Industry experience of five years prior to recruiting. Building relationships, implementing strategic planning to resource management and executing onsite training and development to key clients are additional value adds and guidance provided to Firms and Hiring Managers in a changing global market.

Career Summary:

Throughout my career in Legal recruitment, I have been fortunate to engage with top-tier talent across diverse legal landscapes, spanning both Private Practice and In-House environments. My journey has extended beyond traditional recruitment; I've been deeply involved in providing onsite training to global organisations, sharing insights and expertise to enhance their talent acquisition strategies. Notably, I've played a pivotal role in establishing and nurturing specialist legal recruitment teams from their inception, fostering high-performing teams driven by our shared commitment to excellence in contingent and retained legal recruiting.

Why recruitment?

Choosing recruitment over law was a natural fit for me. It resonated with my ability to build relationships and create genuine connections. I sought a career where I could make a tangible impact on people's lives, and recruitment has provided that avenue. It's been fulfilling, allowing me to blend my passion for connections with the opportunity to positively influence others' career journeys.

Industry Insights:

The legal scene in the Middle East has seen a significant shift, driven by tech advancements and a spike in multinational mergers and acquisitions aiming to tap into this lucrative market. This change has made the region a buzzing hub, pushing lawyers to adapt and expand their skills. Technology has completely reshaped how law works, requiring lawyers to step up their game. At the same time, the rise in mergers and acquisitions has created a huge demand for legal expertise, especially in helping global companies set up shop, adding a whole new layer of challenges for legal professional in the area.

What is your approach to recruitment / executive search?

Building and keeping long-lasting relationships while crafting a strong, trustworthy network.

Success Stories:

Being the go-to recruiter for Partner hiring and undertaking retained contract work as a trusted supplier has been a cornerstone of my achievements. Additionally, initiating legal recruitment teams from the ground up and witnessing their growth, where consultants double their client portfolios and revenue by developing their skills, has been incredibly fulfilling.

Fun Facts:

Being a mother of two, often dubbed Super Mum, involves a whirlwind of activities—juggling school runs, cheering at football games, coordinating playdates, and orchestrating memorable parties, all while deftly balancing work commitments. My phone? It might as well be glued to me! Plus, here's a quirky confession: I love cold pizza, there's just something about it that hits differently! Oh, and I've got this secret talent for mimicking various regional accents, though my husband might beg to differ on my prowess in that department!

Why Aventus:

It is genuinely like being part of a big family; we are all aligned and passionate about what we do. The atmosphere is consistently positive, and on tough days, we are there for each other, lifting spirits and lending support without hesitation. In addition, we always have cake in the office, which is a nice perk!

“Show up early, treat people with respect and perform at the highest levels till the world can’t deny you” – Grant Cardone