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Roopa Rosario

Business Support Manager

Roopa Rosario

About Roopa Rosario


I'm from Mangalore, India, and Dubai has been my second home for a decade. I studied in India, got a Master's in Business Administration and recently completed my certifications from in Human resources. Having navigated through diverse industries and cultural backgrounds, I've grown not just in knowledge but also in valuable insights. My toolkit for success comprises emotional intelligence, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the intricacies that make businesses thrive.

At Aventus, I've found a perfect fit in the roles of administration and human resources management. Steering the ship of internal and external operations, my focus is on ensuring the seamless functioning of the office.

I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Welcome to a world where every challenge is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a step towards growth and success.

Why Recruitment:

My inclination towards the realm of recruitment is deeply rooted in my enduring interest in human resources. The recruitment industry, in particular, beckons to me as it unveils the intricate dance that unfolds behind the scenes in the world of HR. It's not just about finding people to fill roles; it's about understanding the nuanced intricacies that make individuals the right fit for a company's culture and goals.

Industry insights:

Recently there has been increase in demand for work life balance.

Modern professionals are striking a delicate balance between career ambitions and personal fulfilment, navigating blurred boundaries between work and personal life. Flexibility in remote work offers integration but also poses burnout risks. The 24/7 tech accessibility calls for clear work-life boundaries.

The new generation values purpose in work, seeking employers prioritising well-being and a positive work environment. Adapting policies, fostering support, and recognising holistic employee satisfaction are key for companies attracting and retaining top talent. A successful workplace today harmonises career goals with personal well-being.

Success stories

Reflecting on my tenure, I initially harbored uncertainty regarding the role expansion. However, since assuming this role, as I was willing to take on more responsibilities everything is falling into its place. I have encountered a dynamic spectrum of responsibilities. From orchestrating the onboarding process for internal and external clients to overseeing office administration, company registrations, contract management, and event coordination, I have successfully navigated diverse facets of the business. Notably, within my first three months at Aventus, I was honored with a nomination for the esteemed Aventus Lunch Club.

Fun facts

Book Buff: I'm a total bookworm! Thriller and fiction are my go to genre but sometimes a just go with the flow and mood, getting lost in the world of words and ideas.

Baking Enthusiast: When I'm not immersed in the professional realm, you'll likely find me in the kitchen whipping up some baking magic. There's something therapeutic about creating delicious treats.

Artistic Escape: Painting is my go-to relaxation technique. It's my way of unwinding and expressing creativity outside the business world.

Why Aventus

The team here is fantastic, and the work culture is top-notch.

"In the rhythm of growth, find the beat of your own enchanting journey – the magic of self-discovery."