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Laura Taylor

Head of Private Practice - MENA

Laura Taylor

About Laura Taylor


Born and raised in the UK, Laura has immersed herself in the world of Law for the past 7 years. Following the attainment of an LL.B Bachelor in Law, Laura decided to relocate to the Middle East in 2021, where she established her platform in Private Practice Recruitment.

Professional Expertise:

Specializing in strategic growth development in Private Practice, Laura leads initiatives with a select pool of clients, including Global US, Magic Circle, and International Law firms in the Middle East. Laura supports the onboarding and introduction of equity and senior partners across key sectors such as Corporate, Project Development and Finance, Investigations, and Real Estate. Collaborating with key clients, Laura facilitates their regional expansion into other GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Her priority is to ensure existing talent on the ground is nurtured and recognized while maintaining a regular flow of international talent from New York to Tokyo, Singapore to London, and Australia. With an established global reach, Laura excels in making strategic pairings of talent from associate to counsel level, contributing significantly to team development, particularly within the Corporate and Projects space.

Career Summary:

Over the past two years, I have dedicated my efforts to building and establishing a platform for private practice recruitment at Aventus. During this time, I have successfully introduced and maintained collaborative relationships with key clients in the region who not only align with the values I uphold but also resonate with the candidates I represent. At Aventus, we have witnessed expediential growth of the private practice platform and the journey continues as we transfer our key relationships into the KSA and London markets.

Why recruitment?

My motivation lies in making meaningful connections and matching the right talent with the right opportunities to drive success for both candidates and clients. Being able to provide opportunities and have a positive impact on an individual's career is the reason I love what I do. The title of a professional match-maker has a ring to it and provides me with joy in abundance, to witness the growth of an individual as they embark on a new chapter that I was in a position to introduce.

Recruitment is more than just a career; it's a passion (with additional administrative responsibilities). I can say with confidence that I have found my place in recruitment and intend to utilize the platform that I’ve successfully built to create impact and to continue delivering exciting opportunities to my network of wonderful people.

Industry Insights:

The Middle East is solidifying its position as a key global business hub, prompting significant shifts in the legal landscape, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Constitutional changes in KSA are opening doors for law firms to establish a growing presence in the Middle East. I am supporting some of the world's largest international law firms by revenue to establish a strong partnership in the region. To capitalize on this transformation, partner recruitment is becoming crucial. Firms are recognizing the need for a specialized approach, tailoring strategies to attract partners with a deep understanding of local laws, cultural nuances, and extensive networks. By focusing on partner recruitment, law firms can position themselves as key players in this evolving market, and the legal team at Aventus is continuously delivering on this strategy.

What is your approach to recruitment / executive search?

Private Practice recruitment demands a highly sophisticated and tailored approach. For me, this process goes beyond traditional transactions; the service I deliver to my clients and candidates is both professional and personal. It requires a proactive commitment to supporting our client’s growth strategy and successfully aligning candidates who not only qualify on paper but also share similar values, personality traits, and attitudes with the existing team. Taking the time to establish common ground and build a relationship with both the client and the candidate is a significant component of my practice. In doing so, I am able to successfully deliver a complimentary pairing that will stand the test of time.

Emphasizing transparency and communication in my practice ensures that all stakeholders involved – both clients and candidates – experience a clear and open exchange of information. This approach ensures that all parties involved remain on the same page throughout the recruitment process, promoting efficiency and creating alignment on expectations.

Success Stories:

I recently overcame a major challenge by successfully placing a Partner in a Global White Shoe Law Firm. Managing the intricate process and sustaining both engagement and momentum over 12 months was undoubtedly challenging, but the successful result made it all worthwhile. The key result from this experience, for me personally, lies in the relationship that I was able to establish with this particular individual. Beyond the professional triumph, it was the trust, understanding, and collaboration built throughout the process that underscored the true significance of the accomplishment. This success not only reinforced my commitment to excellence in private practice recruitment but also highlighted the profound impact that genuine, meaningful relationships can have in navigating certain challenges. This Individual will play a key part in the strategic development of a core practice area in the Middle East for one of my clients. This placement will continue to pay itself back in the form of future business and exclusivity on certain projects.

Fun Facts:

I am a bit of a sports fanatic: my favourites include Weight Training, Reformer Pilates, and Horse Riding. Pair that with an eye for fashion and an appreciation for global cuisine, and you have yourself a Laura.

Why Aventus:

As someone who is entrepreneurial by nature, Aventus has encouraged and continues to provide flexibility, guidance, and support with the development and growth of the private practice platform which, in turn, has allowed me to establish a practice that offers the time and consideration required, to provide clients and candidates with an honest and complete service. Aventus is a growing community of industry experts, and we work together as a collective to ensure we are bringing the best opportunities in the market to our network.


"Laura understands the legal market and takes the time to get to know her clients’ requirements, their firm culture, and the best fit for the team. A pleasure to work with as she sends quality candidates keeps the communication lines open, and has great follow-up." – White Shoe Law Firm, Middle East

"Laura was so amazing to deal with. I could not recommend her enough, she placed me in my current role which I absolutely love, and actively continued to follow up with me to make sure I was happy and comfortable with my decision regularly. She is genuinely interested in finding the right candidate for the role that suits them best and the best candidates for her clients, and unlike other recruiters is not looking for just another commission. She’s going to be my point of contact for the future and I would definitely recommend her to friends and colleagues. " – Corporate Associate Candidate


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