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François Nédélec

Senior Consultant

François Nédélec

About François Nédélec


With a wealth of expertise spanning 7 years in the recruitment sector across Europe and the Middle East, I have been a key player in facilitating critical hiring for various organisations. My focus ranges from sourcing specific niche profiles to recruiting executive leadership individuals. My dedication to connecting top-tier talent with organizations in need is a driving force throughout my career in recruitment.

Professional Expertise:

My my expertise has evolved, focusing specifically on the Technology domains with notable achievements within the financial service and banking sector. I am advising the regional Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Investment Management organisations, Banks, and Fintech players about the international and regional talent market. My impact extends across the Middle East, with successful placements in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Qatar. Building a robust network, I connect international talent seeking opportunities in the Middle East and local professionals eager for new challenges with the right organisations.

Career Summary:

Over the past three years, my professional journey has undergone a strategic evolution, centring on the dynamic landscape of Technology within the financial service and banking sector. Within this niche, I have garnered notable achievements, providing pivotal advice to regional powerhouses such as Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Investment Management organisations, Banks, and Fintech players. My role involves offering strategic insights into the international and regional talent market and facilitating informed decisions for these entities.

My impact extends geographically across the Middle East, having successfully executed placements in key hubs such as the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Qatar. Through building a robust and expansive network, my efforts are dedicated to seamlessly connecting international talent keen to relocate to the Middle East and local professionals eager for new challenges with the right organisations. By forging these strategic alliances, I have been contributing to the growth and success of both individuals and organisations within this challenging sector.

Why recruitment?

In essence, my work within recruitment consulting allows me to blend my curiosity, strategic mindset, and market awareness to provide invaluable advice that goes beyond individual placements, contributing to the long-term success of both clients and the broader market

Industry Insights:

If we delve into the realm of Front Office quantitative work, the intricacy and high impact of this field become evident. Top talents are in high demand, with fresh graduates often securing positions even before completing their university education. The optimal approach involves a combination of a stellar reputation, a transparent career growth trajectory, a continuous learning curve, and a competitive compensation package.

This combination becomes even more crucial in the Middle East market, where the focus should be on enhancing the country/region's reputation to attract talent from specific countries. Establishing a

positive image, coupled with the elements of career growth, learning opportunities, and competitive compensation, strengthens the appeal for top-tier professionals considering opportunities in the region.

Exploring the highly competitive fintech industry in the Middle East, the key to success lies at the core of identifying and connecting with individuals who can pioneer innovative business models and new products. This achievement is deeply rooted in fostering a robust network and establishing trust across the region. In this dynamic landscape, the ability to bring together the right minds and ideas becomes the driving force for success.

What is your approach to recruitment / executive search?

My approach involves a thorough comprehension and assessment of the organizational culture, strategy, and structural challenges. This initial step sets the foundation for a methodical market mapping process, wherein I meticulously navigate the talent landscape to provide the best-suited solution tailored to the unique needs of the organisation. By understanding the intricacies of both the organizational context and the broader talent market, I strive to deliver optimal persons for the requirement.

Success Stories:

In my first six months in the Middle East, I earned the trust of an international organisation, allowing me to take charge of two specific roles in Saudi Arabia. During this time, I successfully identified and attracted two talented individuals within a reasonable timeframe. These accomplishments stand out significantly as the organisations had previously attempted various options, all without success.

My approach is anchored in a profound understanding of the local landscape, coupled with a strategic global search methodology. This unique combination led to the successful and timely acquisition of talent, showcasing the effectiveness of my approach in meeting the specific needs of the organizations.

Why Aventus:

I choose Aventus for the local experience coming from their cofounder and a journey to build within a dynamic region

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