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Posted in GCC, Technology on Sep 06, 2023

G42 and Microsoft Join Forces in the UAE

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital transformation, strategic collaborations are shaping the future. G42 and Microsoft have embarked on the next phase of their ongoing partnership, announcing a multifaceted plan to make available sovereign cloud offerings, co-innovate, deliver advanced AI capabilities, and expand the existing data centre infrastructure in the UAE.

Microsoft’s Sovereign Cloud Empowers Digital Transformation

Microsoft's sovereign cloud offering is set to revolutionise digital transformation in the UAE. It allows the UAE public sector and regulated industries to leverage cutting-edge tools for securing sensitive data, providing access to the latest cloud and AI features available on Azure public cloud, all while helping them comply with local privacy and regulatory requirements. The partnership builds on G42’s deep understanding of UAE sovereignty requirements and technical capabilities, customising the offering to address specific customer needs.

AI-Enabled Solutions for Key Sectors

Going beyond cloud services, G42 and Microsoft are pooling their expertise and capabilities to develop AI-driven solutions tailored to key sectors. These include health, energy, sustainability, and significant national projects, such as the COP28 conference scheduled in the UAE this year. These solutions are set to drive efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in these critical areas.

Empowering the Technology Ecosystem

This partnership extends beyond the immediate collaboration. G42 and Microsoft aim to empower the wider technology ecosystem by delivering new in-country services. It also opens up go-to-market opportunities for partners and unlocks considerable value for Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. These partners can deliver industry-specific solutions to local entities, contributing significantly to the digital transformation landscape.

Expanding Azure Services via Khazna Data Centres

Microsoft's expansion of Azure services in the UAE is facilitated through Khazna Data Centres, a joint venture company between G42 and e&. This expansion further strengthens Microsoft's presence in the region, making advanced cloud services more accessible to organisations across the UAE.

Praise from UAE Cybersecurity Head

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security for United Arab Emirates Government & Director of The National Data Center under The Supreme Council for National Security, praised the partnership between Microsoft and G42. He stated that it will further contribute to creating a safer and more resilient digital environment for the public sector and regulated industries. This, in turn, will enhance efficiency and enable seamless access to services while bolstering the UAE's efforts to manage cyber risks effectively, ensure continued services to society, support economic growth, and uphold the country's reputation.

G42's Vision for Societal Resilience

Peng Xiao, Group CEO of G42, described the joint sovereign cloud and AI offering with Microsoft as a significant step forward in the company’s mission. It aims to accelerate innovation and drive technological advancements across key sectors. However, this partnership isn't solely about technology; it’s about creating a holistic ecosystem for societal resilience and growth. By combining their respective expertise and shared forward-thinking approach, they aim not only to transform industries but also to create positive economic opportunities and lasting impacts on the well-being of individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

Microsoft's Commitment to Responsible Innovation

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft, emphasised the importance of organisations worldwide turning to advancements in generative AI technology to address business, societal, and sustainability challenges. The partnership between Microsoft and G42 will empower customers across the public sector with next-generation AI solutions built on the most trusted, comprehensive, and integrated cloud platform. Data privacy, security, and compliance are core priorities, ensuring responsible innovation for the benefit of citizens and residents across the UAE.

UAE's Leadership in Technology Adoption

Samer Abu-Ltaif, Corporate VP and President for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Microsoft, highlighted the UAE's distinction as an early adopter of the latest technologies. This has created the ideal environment for developing and deploying cutting-edge solutions. Organisations across every industry in the UAE are confident in exploring solutions that drive digital transformation agendas, improve efficiency, and enhance agility. Strengthening the collaboration with G42 supports the UAE’s vision of empowering individuals and businesses to innovate AI solutions. These solutions not only drive sustainable economic growth but also address ongoing challenges in local communities.

A Significant Milestone in Tech Innovation

This announcement marks the first significant outcome since G42 and Microsoft announced their intention to partner earlier this year, in April 2023. The two companies plan to further strengthen their collaboration in the upcoming months.

In Conclusion

The collaboration between G42 and Microsoft represents a significant leap forward in technology and innovation. It promises lasting impacts on society, individuals, and businesses in the UAE. As the partnership continues to evolve, stay tuned for more developments in the ever-exciting landscape of digital transformation. 🚀💡 Article Source

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