Posted in Technology on Nov 15, 2022

As we come to the end of the year and with the rate at which “hiring” is rapidly evolving, it is important to effectively gage the relationship between trends in the market and recruitment. With the economy constantly going through ups and downs as can be seen with the massive layoffs in large firms such as Twitter, we at Aventus are keen to highlight some of the major trends in the tech recruitment industry in particular in order to keep clients and candidates better informed of the changing times and what to expect.

1. Rise in demand for certain Tech skills:

There has been a significant rise in demand for certain tech skills or roles such as DevOps engineers, AI Architects, Business intelligence analyst and Cloud Architects just to mention a few. With vast developments taking place in the Digital and Tech space across companies located all over the globe, almost every employer is on the lookout for tech professionals to continue growing their business. This can be seen as 53% of recruiters said that they had to make changes to their hiring budget for developers in 2022, according to the CodinGame & CoderPad 2022 Global Tech Hiring Survey. With regards to this, it is important for tech experts to continue to increase their knowledge and skillset as they are more likely to get job offers from companies in this present day and age.

2. Cultural Diversity:

With the idea of “diversity” being clearly advocated across almost every sector whether it be banking, legal or tech, hiring managers or technical recruiters are placing a great deal of importance on ensuring that they adopt a more diverse approach to hiring tech talent. Nowadays, tech recruiters tend to be more forward in their approach towards hiring tech talent whether it be in terms of gender, age, ethnicity or even cultural beliefs. In a report carried out by Forbes, it highlighted that almost 80% of hiring managers had ranked the concept of diversity hiring as their most important 2022 trend in the recruitment industry. It also mentioned that is crucially important to ensure that effective diversity training programs are placed, as this will lead to a more positive impact on the brand values, brand image and unity within the company.

3. Hybrid working and hiring:

The one thing the pandemic bought about apart from the detrimental effects on people’s health and the population, was that hybrid and remote working environments was possible on a large scale. In this present time, it can be witnessed that hiring managers are adopting this as a hiring scheme, as a greater amount of tech professionals are on the lookout for companies offering a more flexible work option. This is also beneficial to hiring managers as they are able to expand their talent pool search beyond just their local geography. In a report published by Forbes magazine, it showed that about 75% of employees considered changing their job because of less or no hybrid work policies in place. Therefore, it is important for hiring professionals in the tech space to ensure that hybrid or remote working options are in place in order to retain and recruit the best tech talent.

4. Skillsets greater than a degree:

Gone are the days where companies would only hire based on the college degree attained by a potential candidate. Currently, with focus on the tech industry, the ability to have tech skills hold's a great deal of significant value. Tech professionals these days are greatly using the power of the internet to undertake educational training courses rather than a university degree to improve their foundations in tech. Companies are hiring candidates based on their practical skills and expose them to real world problems to solve in order to better understand their capabilities.