Recruitment In The GCC Beyond Job Boards

Posted in GCC, Recruitment on Feb 26, 2024

The Human Touch of Recruitment at Aventus

Have you ever wondered who is behind the countless job postings you see online? The answer lies with a crucial player in the hiring game: the recruiter. But what exactly does a recruiter do, and how do they fit into the bigger picture of finding the right talent like our team at Aventus?

Imagine you are building a team for a new or critical project. You need the perfect blend of skills, personalities, and experiences to ensure success. That is where recruiters at Aventus come in. We act as bridge builders, connecting talented individuals with exciting opportunities within the Banking & Financial Services, Compliance, Legal, Technology & Digital, and HR sectors, and help companies across the GCC find the missing expertise to their teams.

So, what does a typical day look like for a recruiter at Aventus? It's a dynamic mix of activities, from understanding a company's unique needs to discovering the perfect candidates:

Understanding the Need: We start by having in-depth conversations with hiring managers, understanding the specific role they're looking to fill. This involves diving deep into the job description, desired skillset, and Aventus's deep understanding of the specific GCC market to create a clear picture of the ideal candidate.

The Search Begins: Once we understand the requirement, we embark on a talent hunt, utilising various tools and resources from online job boards and professional networks to leveraging Aventus's extensive industry knowledge and headhunting specific individuals with the required expertise in the GCC and Gobal markets.

Screening Candidates: CV's come pouring in, and we carefully screen them to identify candidates who meet the essential qualifications and possess the necessary skills and experience. This often involves phone interviews to assess their suitability and gauge their enthusiasm for the role.

Building Relationships: Throughout the process, we build meaningful relationships with both candidates and companies. We provide guidance to candidates, answer their questions and keep our clients informed on our progress on potential candidates.

The Interview Stage: When we find promising candidates, we facilitate the interview process. This often involves scheduling interviews, coordinating logistics, and prepping candidates for meeting the hiring manager.

Beyond the Offer: Our role doesn't end with an offer being made. We stay connected with both candidates and companies, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and addressing any post-placement concerns.

But who are the recruiters at Aventus? We come from diverse backgrounds, but we share a passion for connecting people and helping them achieve their career goals in the the GCC. Some of us may have experience in human resources, while others may have backgrounds in banking, finance, legal, or technology. What unites us is a genuine desire to see both individuals and businesses flourish in the region.

So, the next time you encounter an Aventus job posting, remember there is human behind it looking to connect the right talent to the right career opportunity. We are the facilitators, the connectors, and the bridge builders who strive to create a perfect fit between individuals and the companies they can help thrive in. If you are seeking a new career challenge in the GCC or looking for the right talent to join your team, do not hesitate to reach out to Aventus Recruitment. We are always happy to chat and explore the possibilities, bringing the human touch back into the world of recruitment with a focus on the specific needs of the GCC market.