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Posted in GCC, Recruitment on Dec 12, 2023

We Are Aventus Recruitment Agency

As market leading recruitment company in the GCC, Aventus understand the distinctive dynamics of the local market. Our expertise extends beyond borders, making us a sought-after placement agency across the GCC, particularly in dynamic cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Riyadh where our four directors have been based for the last 15 years.

We are committed to connecting talented candidates with exceptional opportunities across multiple industries. Whether you are a job seeker looking for your next career move or an employer searching for top talent, Aventus Recruitment is here to provide the highest quality of service.

At Aventus, we believe that finding the perfect fit goes beyond just matching skills and experience on paper. We take a holistic approach to recruitment, considering not only technical abilities but also cultural fit and long-term potential. Our team of experienced recruiters diligently screens each candidate to ensure they meet our client's specific requirements.

With our extensive network and deep understanding of the local business landscape, we can source highly qualified professionals for diverse roles across industries such as legal, financial services, digital and technology, HR and project resource management. Whether you need executives for senior-level positions or specialised staff for project-based assignments, we have the expertise to fulfil your recruitment needs.

Global Reach, Local Expertise:

Headquartered in Dubai, Aventus Recruitment embraces a global outlook. Our extensive network spans the GCC region, the UK and with organisations within the USA connecting businesses and professionals on an international scale.

Strategic Specialisms

Legal Recruitment


With a deep understanding of the legal industry, our consultants at Aventus Recruitment specialise in sourcing candidates for in-house legal positions. We recognise that businesses today require more than just knowledgeable lawyers; they need individuals who can effectively integrate their legal expertise with overall corporate objectives.

Through our extensive network, we connect top-tier legal talent with companies from various sectors including finance, technology, healthcare, and more. Our consultants work closely with both clients and candidates to ensure a seamless fit based on specific requirements and cultural alignment.

Private Practice

In the intricate world of private practice, where legal strategies often shape the course of industries, our consultants, specialised in private practice recruitment, understand that the legal profession isn't just a service; it's a strategic partnership. We connect law firms with legal professionals poised to contribute not just their skills but their vision to the growth and success of the firm. Our network and industry expertise enable us to identify top-tier talent that aligns with a law firm's specific needs, ensuring long-term compatibility and mutual growth.

Our team of dedicated consultants possesses an in-depth understanding of the various practice areas within private law firms. From corporate and commercial law to intellectual property and litigation, we have a track record of successfully placing talented attorneys who excel in their respective fields.

We recognise that each law firm is unique, with its own organisational culture, values, and goals. That's why our consultants take the time to thoroughly understand a firm's requirements before conducting targeted searches for suitable candidates. Our rigorous screening process ensures that only highly qualified individuals are presented as potential matches beyond matching skills and qualifications, we focus on finding candidates whose ethos aligns with the client's brand identity. We believe that successful legal partnerships are built not just on technical proficiency but also on shared values, work ethic, and communication style.


Compliance, a critical facet of modern business, demands a specialised approach. Our Aventus compliance specialists are experts in their field, equipped with up-to-date knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. We offer comprehensive compliance recruiting services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Financial Services:

Finance & Advisory

Our financial services division specialises in providing comprehensive finance and compliance solutions tailored to the ever-changing landscape of this industry. We understand the importance of staying ahead of regulatory changes and ensuring that our clients are fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations such as the evolving regional tax codes .

Our team of experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by financial services companies. Our finance team have a core expertise in placing CFO’s but have also seen high demand in financial advisory requirements such as audit and risk advisory. In some cases Aventus have been assigned by some clients to help drive financial change across an organisation. In one example we have placed an entire finance teams in a leading UAE bank, in another example Aventus was successful in placing transformational finance experts for a client looking to change the DNA of the finance function in their financial institution.

Aventus recognise that success in financial services requires not only technical skills but also strong ethical values. That's why we prioritise candidates who demonstrate integrity and a commitment to upholding high standards in their work.

Our approach is driven by partnership; we work closely with our clients to truly understand their needs and find the ideal candidate who will contribute positively to their organisation's growth.


Aventus’ specialised banking consultants understand that it's not just about finding candidates with financial expertise; it's about connecting banks with professionals poised to navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape. Whether it's retail banking, corporate banking or treasury, global markets, and investment banking, we partner with banks who require front office revenue generators but also for the critical support functions of middle and back office.

Investment Management

Investment Management is another rapidly growing and highly dynamic desk for Aventus. Our specialised team have an enviable deal sheet of some of the most high profile placements within the regional investment management space. Aventus is proud to serve the worlds largest sovereign wealth funds, global hedge funds and other investment and asset managers operating in the GCC. Recently Aventus have seen high demand for our search consultants from private equity funds as well as venture capital funds looking to recruit fund raisers, portfolio managers as well as looking to upskill the subsidiary businesses they have acquired, invested in.

Our approach to financial services recruitment within finance, banking, venture capital, hedge funds, and investment banking goes beyond matching resumes to job descriptions. We delve into understanding the unique needs of both clients and candidates, ensuring that each placement is not just a hire but a strategic move contributing to long-term success by understanding the bigger picture, the long term organisation objectives and the specific challenges that need to be faced and overcome.

Tech and Digital

Our Technology and Digital specialists do not just understand the current tech industry; they keep a pulse on the latest trends, emerging technologies, and the dynamic needs of the digital age.

Within the vast terrain of IT, where coding languages, infrastructure, and cybersecurity define success, the team specialise in sourcing top-tier developers, skilled system administrators, or cybersecurity experts, our consultants understand that it's not just about technical skills; it's about aligning professionals with the ethos of tech-driven organisations and finding professionals who understand integrating new technologies into existing process.


Our HR specialists are not just recruiters; they are architects of strategic HR partnerships. Whether it's finding the right HR director to steer organisational culture or sourcing specialists for talent acquisition, our consultants delve deep into understanding the unique needs of each client. We ensure that every HR placement is not just a transaction but a step towards the sustained success of the organisation.

Aventus Recruitment's HR experts are adept at understanding the pulse of organisational dynamics. From crafting policies that resonate with diverse teams to finding HR business partners who align with the strategic goals of the business, our consultants ensure that every placement contributes to the organic growth of the organisation.

Our Solutions:

Project Hiring

Project hiring demands a unique set of skills — agility, adaptability, and a keen understanding of project dynamics. Our Project Resource team excels in matching skilled professionals with businesses looking to bolster their project teams or secure temporary roles. Our consultants understand the urgency of project execution and move swiftly to secure the best matches.

Strategic Consultation for Project Success

Our commitment to Project Hiring by providing strategic consultation, and understanding the specific needs of each project. We offer insights into industry trends, assist in benchmarking project roles, and ensure that businesses have the flexibility they need to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search services delve deep into understanding client needs, ensuring that each placement is a precise fit, contributing to long-term organisational success. Our experienced consultants go beyond just matching job descriptions with resumes. We take the time to fully comprehend your company's unique culture, objectives, and requirements. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of what makes your organisation tick, we can identify candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also align perfectly with our client values and vision.

At Aventus, quality assurance is at the core of everything we do. We thoroughly screen all candidates to ensure they possess the necessary skills, qualifications, and cultural fit for your organisation. Our rigorous recruitment process includes conducting interviews, verifying references, assessing technical proficiency through skill tests if required, and conducting background checks as necessary.

With our executive search expertise, we tap into an extensive network of top-tier professionals across various industries. Our relationships with these high-calibre individuals enable us to present you with exceptional talent that may not be actively searching for new opportunities but will significantly contribute to your strategic initiatives. Aventus’ track record in C level executive search includes high profile placements for some of the most well-known organisations in the region across both public and private sector. Despite being trusted with highly challenging executive searches, Aventus have never failed on a retained search assignment, this is something we are proud of as an organisation and something we strive to maintain.

Contingent Recruitment

Aventus understand and appreciate that sometimes clients need our support on a success only basis. In some cases Aventus will suggest this approach over and above the retained search method. We understand the urgency of talent acquisition, and our consultants move swiftly to secure and pipeline the best matches for businesses in Dubai, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and globally.

Our consultants are highly experienced in identifying, attracting, and placing top talent across a wide range of industries and within very tight deadlines with a highly agile approach.

Why are we a leading Recruitment Agency?

We are not just a company; we are a collective of over 30 consultants, each an expert in their specific domain. Our team is not just a workforce; we are a community of specialists, fostering an environment of knowledge-sharing and growth.

Each consultant operates from their individualised desk, focused on their area of expertise. This ensures that our clients and candidates receive a tailor-made approach, a key factor in the our success but more importantly the candidates and clients we represent.