Hear from our Interns!

Posted in Recruitment on Nov 01, 2022

We are sure you have heard hundreds of recruiters pitch their company and internship program. But isn’t it more helpful to hear from a previous intern about their experience? Well, you’re in luck! Keep reading to learn about the Aventus internship program from some of our interns.

First, could you describe your role as an intern at Aventus?

Meriyam: I joined Aventus as a Digital and Technology Recruitment Resourcer. My responsibilities were to perform sourcing and finding the right talents for our clients. I was conducting screening of their profiles and qualifying them for a particular role. I have covered various roles across the IT space from Developers to Senior Program Managers.

Rohaan: My role at Aventus is a Recruitment Resourcer. My job is to source the best candidates that fit the requirements of the client. I call candidates and qualify them before sharing their CV’s to the client.

Salma: I'm currently interning as a resourcer on the financial services and banking desk. My role involves sourcing for roles in the financial services sector.

Nadeem: My role is to source for the best calibre candidates in Banking and Financial Services. Managing the candidates is my main role and keeping them engaged throughout the hiring process.

What has been your favourite part of the internship programme?

Meriyam: My favourite part of this internship was working with Francois and the rest of the tech team and learning valuable lessons from them. I am very thankful for them mentoring me since my first day. Without their support particularly , I wouldn’t be able to grow and learn as much as I did.

Rohaan: My favourite part of the internship program is the fact that I’ve been able to learn a lot and been able to expand my network from a young age as well as been given the opportunity to start a career and aim for success in an industry I knew little about before. This internship program has made me find something new that I find enjoyable to do.

Salma: My favourite part of this internship has been exploring the learning opportunities it provides. Also, in the process of working a role, you have to make many calls to qualify candidates, which allows you to speak to people from all walks of life.

Nadeem: My favourite part of the program so far is meeting with candidates along with my consultants and having a better understanding and insight of what their day-to-day entails.

What have you learnt from the internship?

Meriyam: This internship helped me to improve my organization and time-management skills. I realized that consistency is the key to an exemplary performance, especially in recruitment. If you master and maintain your habits, you can become successful at any job. Hard work pays off.

Rohaan: What I’ve learnt from the internship program is all the aspects of recruitment as well as improving my interpersonal skills which I now use in my everyday life.

Salma: I've learnt a number of transferable skills as a resourcer, especially in communicating and getting information to candidates. Other than that, this role requires organizational skills as you are the boss of your own desk. How you decide to structure your time to achieve KPI's will be up to you. This does not mean that you can't ask for help, as everyone is always eager to help.

Nadeem :I’ve learnt how recruitment works and the ups and downs that come with recruitment. I realized that it is not an easy job, but Aventus makes it enjoyable to do. I have also learnt how to network with candidates and meet their expectations.

How has the Aventus internship programme helped you to progress personally and professionally?

Meriyam: Recruitment was a completely new thing for me when I just joined Aventus. It was a challenge for myself to learn and progress in unfamiliar industry. The internship helped me realize that with good leadership, it’s much easier to succeed. The program became a solid base for my future career. It helped me develop a more professional attitude as well as helping me become more emotionally intelligent.

Rohaan: For me personally, it has helped me learn now to network effectively with clients and candidates and has greatly improved my time management skills and communication skills.

Salma: Professionally, my growth has been exponential. I got incredibly lucky with this being my first internship. The transition from university to the working world was seamless thanks to Aventus. I've now gotten a glimpse of what to expect in the professional world after graduating. Additionally, I'm able to partake in the behind-the-scenes of hiring.

Nadeem: Personally, the internship has really helped me understand how the Banking and Financial services market works. Professionally, I have grown a lot in terms of working in a fast-paced environment, I learn different things every day.

What is the culture and ethos like at Aventus?

Meriyam: Everyone at Aventus is very open and they were always there for me if I faced difficulties and needed help. Since day one, I felt like a part of the team. Aventus is about mutual support, cooperation, trust, and so much fun.

Rohaan: The culture at Aventus is very diverse. There are people from all different sides of the world with different backgrounds and personalities. Everyone gets along well and often activities together outside of work, it’s a very friendly environment.

Salma: Aventus is all about people first, and that is definitely reflected in the atmosphere in the office. They've done a great job of creating a team who share their values and ethos.

Nadeem: The culture and ethos here is brilliant. It is such a young and dynamic environment with a dverse background of nationalities. The people first approach they adopt ensures that everyone feels comfartable and at home.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an applicant to Aventus internships?

Meriyam: You have to be very serious about this internship. You will be treated the same as a full time employee. You need to be open for a new challenge. Communication and consistency are the keys factors in this job. After this program, your connection network will expand. Always remember that your network is your net worth.

Rohaan: One piece of advice I would give to a new intern would be to work hard, be organised, be yourself and get ready to be exposed to an environement filled with learning opportunities.

Salma: My top two tips are to always ask questions and to communicate with the consultant throughout the sourcing process. Don't be afraid to make mistakes as this is an environment that will push you to pick yourself up and reach for the stars.

Nadeem: Just be yourself! You will perfectly fit in the culture of the company if you’re just being confident about yourself and surely, you will have a good relationship with everyone in the office.

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